Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Packing phor Phoenix

by Rochelle Staab, Member-at-Large
As a seasoned mystery conference attendee, all you need to know about what to wear at 2016 LCC is that there is no dress code and there are no rules. We’re all there to have fun.

Dress up? Sure. Dress down? Sure. Dress for comfort? Absolutely. Express yourself! Or don’t.

Based on a recent trip to Phoenix and an online check of the late February weather forecast for The Great Cactus Caper, I recommend packing a sweater or a light jacket. The days are sunny and warm (70s), but can get chilly (50s) at night. And of course, temperatures inside hotel conference rooms are as unpredictable as a good plot twist.

If you’re a mystery fan and first-time attendee, your smile and interest in mystery and crime fiction are your most appealing accessories. Save some space in your luggage for all the books you’re sure to bring home with you.

If you’re a first-timer, here are some tips:
  • Don’t forget to pack your bookmarks or tchotchkes for the swag tables.
  • If you intend to pitch agents/editors/publishers, ditch the writing uniform (you know the one—sweats, pajamas, slippers, or the lucky T-shirt) and wear your “outside” clothes.
  • If you’re moderating or seated on a panel, consider business casual or at least a clean shirt.
  • If you’re promoting your brand, make it memorable. This is where you can have some unabashed fun and make an impression. Who can forget Longmire series author Craig Johnson’s cowboy boots and hat? Or Kelli Stanley’s fedoras? Tammy Kaehler’s racing shirts?
For those who love—or rarely get an opportunity—to dress up, the awards banquet on Saturday evening is your chance to gussy up. Writers in dresses! Writers in jackets! Me in heels! Again, no rules. No one notices or cares what you wear, but it is party time. Author-sponsored tables, cameras flashing, nominees crossing fingers, and Toastmaster Catriona McPherson at the podium entertaining and leading the festivities.

Whatever garb you decide to pack, the point is to enjoy yourself when you get there.

See you in Phoenix! (I’ll be the one in a tiara.)

Rochelle Staab is the best-selling author of the Mind for Murder Mystery series, and winner of the LCC 2013 Watson Award.

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