Monday, February 15, 2016

My First LCC: Eloise Hill

In September of 2011, I published my first mystery and in April 2012 decided to attend Mining For Murder in Sacramento, CA, three days before the conference. Despite the late registration, I was fortunate to book a hotel within a few blocks of the event. Unfortunately, I caught a virus the day before Left Coast Crime and had to bring it with me, along with my reluctant but gallant significant other who could see I was incapable of making the two-hour drive to our state capitol.

I arrived for the Friday morning New Author Breakfast late, out-of-breath, and feverish. I was so addled I wandered over to the only empty chair I could see at the back of the room—at author, Sally Carpenter’s table—and asked if I could have a seat. I was quickly informed that I, as a debut author, had my own table and was ushered to it by MC Mike Befeler, to find several fans/writers already seated and eager to discuss my inspiration for a tarot mystery series. It was then I found out I’d be given the opportunity to present a pitch for the book which, in my current state, I was totally unprepared for.

Due to the brain-eating properties of the virus, many of the events of the weekend are now a blur to me including whatever book summation I may have managed to stammer out. But I do remember Lee Goldberg’s comments on the burgeoning impact of YouTube on mystery films and Kelli Stanley’s advice on being diligent when researching historical mystery . . . and Rhys Bowen’s hilarious comments about writing for ardent anglophiles. And Jess Lourey chipping in for the remainder of my raffle ticket when, in my weakened state, I couldn’t produce the exact change.

I came away inspired and informed by the talent represented, impressed by the amount of hard work that went into producing the conference, and with a new appreciation of what the LCC community had to offer writers and fans alike. And four years and a second book later, I’m back to participate—hopefully, this time bug-free. Looking forward to seeing you all in Phoenix!
Eloise Hill is a Bay Area nurse, writer, and psychic who has been in love with the Tarot, and all things metaphysical, since she picked up her first Rider-Waite deck at the age of eighteen. She is the author of The Eight of Pentacles and The Queen of the Barley Moon, books one and two in the Eileen McGrath Tarot series, set in and around Oakland, CA and inspired by her 30+ years as a psychic/Tarot enthusiast.

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