Monday, February 8, 2016

My First LCC: Dru Ann Love

I love attending reader/fan conventions, and this year will be my first attendance at Left Coast Crime in February where on the east coast it will be winter cold. Oh, how I can’t wait to spend a few days on the west coast in warm spring-like weather.

I have heard so much about this conference, and I’m looking forward to experiencing this west coast venue. Like all conferences, there will be panels, outside activities and of course socializing with all the authors in attendance.

What I’m most looking forward to is the intimacy of a smaller crowd than Bouchercon which boasts at least 1,400 people and Malice which boasts at least 500 people. Perhaps LCC is the same size as Malice, but I suspect those who attend will be more varied.

What I like best is exploring different city locales, and just being in Phoenix should be fun. I hope to see the Grand Canyon and other attractions that make Phoenix unique. As always I’m looking forward to arriving in Phoenix, volunteering, the opening ceremony, the panels, the multiple receptions, the new author breakfast, the Discover Mystery breakfast, and of course, awards night. But mostly I’m looking forward to seeing my friends again, meeting authors who I have never met before and those who I know on Facebook, but most of all discovering new-to-me authors.

It’s going to be a great four-day party weekend of laughter and socializing, and I can’t wait for all of us to gather at the Hyatt Regency Phoenix where the bar will be hopping and the drinks a’flowing with no rest for the weary.

So Left Coast Crime 2016, here I come!
Dru Ann Love is owner/writer at dru’s book musings and at her daytime situation is a research analyst. A New Yorker, born and bred, Dru Ann is an avid reader who writes poetry, quilts, and loves attending reader/fan conventions. Dru Ann may not be a mystery writer, but her name has appeared in several cozy titles, and she has even blurbed a book or two. Her blog dru’s book musings was a 2015 Anthony Award Finalist.


  1. Always a great gig!!! Have fun, Dru Ann!

  2. Totally stoked about going this year, after so many false starts! Looking forward to seeing you there!

    1. Oh cool. I didn't know you going. Will look for you there as well.

      Dru Ann

  3. You're the best! Glad you're coming! This is only my second LCC, but I really enjoyed it last year. It has a different flavor than B-con and Malice.

  4. This is going to be a great time!

  5. Dru, I'm working registration on Wednesday afternoon, when are you arriving?

  6. As a veteran of close to 20 Left Coast Crimes, I'm sure you'll have a great time. Everyone is very warm and welcoming. Phoenix has a lot to see. If you are intent on seeing the Grand Canyon, be advised that it is several hours drive from Phoenix. Well worth visiting if you allow some extra days.

  7. Have a ball. I'll bet it is a great group of people!