Friday, February 19, 2016

My First LCC: Lisa Alber

Here’s what I remember most about my first Left Coast Crime in Monterey, 2014: delirium. Utter and total over-stimulated and overjoyed delirium.

Why? Because that week doubled as my first LCC and launch week for my first novel, Kilmoon. Talk about a week of firsts! I was a happy wreck. Book launch time is hectic for most writers, and since it was my first book launch, I was by turns thrilled and terrified as I participated in my first panel, called “Murder Far Afield”–

Cue inner monologue: What if the moderator asks me a question I’m not expecting? I’m not so good on-the-fly when it comes to public speaking … Hope I don’t sound stupid … I’m going to be asked why I chose to set the novel in Ireland—so why did I? Huh, I don’t know anymore! … oh no … 

–in addition to so many other firsts: the first book signing, the first selling out of books at a venue, the first hug from Louise Penny, the first heady moment a reader approached little old me as me the author.

The good news is that my nerves were all for nothing. I did just fine on the panel, and when I did draw a blank with one of the questions (sigh …), our wonderful moderator, Jeffrey Siger, talked me through it. No biggie, after all. I think it was Lori Rader-Day in her post a few weeks ago who said that the audience is on our side. And it’s so true.

There’s nothing but support and camaraderie and hugs to be had all over the place at LCC.

LCC is something of a reunion for most of us, isn’t it? We don’t see each other often, and we look forward to catching up. That said, the support and camaraderie and hugs include you, the dear readers, too. The more, the merrier, I say!

Please introduce yourself. And if we’ve met before, or are already friends on Facebook or anywhere else, please forgive my uncertain expression. I may need a gentle reminder. It’s nothing personal. Because, hey, I’m a lot like you may be: At heart, a bookish introvert.

And at heart, Left Coast Crime is where bookworms, crime fiction bookworms, come to flock like a murder of happy crows. What could be more fun than that?

In my LCC—no, in our LCC—everyone’s a friend. I can’t wait to see everyone!
Lisa Alber is a Hibernophile whose first novel, Kilmoon, was nominated for the Rosebud Award for best first novel. Lisa is the recipient of an Elizabeth George Foundation writing grant and a Walden Fellowship, and was recently included in the bestselling anthology, Eight Mystery Writers You Should Be Reading Now. Next month she’s off to Ireland, where she’ll probably drink too much Guinness—all in the name of novel research, of course! Whispers in the Mist will be released by Midnight Ink in August 2016.

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