Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Help Us Help You!

We know many members of the mystery writing community have just returned from Bouchercon in Raleigh, North Carolina. And anyone who wasn't in attendance was probably following the revelry on social media.

If you're starting to recover, we figure you're asking yourself, "When can I see these great people again?"

Left Coast Crime 2016 has the answer. Actually, it IS the answer! Next February 25-28, we hope you'll join us in Phoenix for The Great Cactus Caper. We promise a break from winter weather, as well as another great mystery community gathering. And remember, you've got until October 31 to register at the discounted rate of $235! Sign up today!

Of course, there's something you can help us with, beyond your registration and attendance. And that's your ideas. We know we come home from one convention full of thoughts and ideas for the next one ... but we also know how easy it is to forget those after a couple weeks of "real life."

So here's your chance to help make Left Coast Crime 2016 awesome: send us your ideas. Whether they're for the kind of dessert you want at the banquet, the kind of sessions you want to attend, or the other activities you think should be available, we want to hear your thoughts. (Obviously, we can't promise to implement them all, but we want to hear them!)

Just email us at and tell us what you think!

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