Thursday, October 22, 2015

Back By Popular Demand!

Author/Reader Connections

We know it’s not always easy for readers to connect—or spend quality time—with your favorite authors during the whirlwind of Left Coast Crime, so we’re making it easier by bringing back Author/Reader Connections (after their successful debut at LCC2015).

Author/Reader Connections are specific activities, such as lunch or a walk through town, hosted by authors for readers. All connections are free, and some may also include giveaways or benefits from the author(s).

Example connections from Crimelandia: Left Coast Crime 2015:

  • Happy Hour: Pints and Pretzels with Kate Dyer-Seeley
  • Coffee with Simon Wood
  • Criminal cocktails with the Women of Suspense (Cathy Perkins, Donnell Bell, DV Berkom, and Christine Finlayson)
  • Lunch with Dave Putnam and Matt Coyle
  • Wine tasting with Wendy Hornsby

Authors: We challenge you to be creative! Team up or offer an activity on your own—whether you stay close to the hotel or venture off to local sights, the sky's the limit. Once you've decided what you want to offer, email your proposal to

Readers: Once we have options for you to choose from, we'll post them to the LCC2016 website. Simply sign up, then meet your author during the convention at the scheduled time and place. 

Let's connect!

Left Coast Crime 2016 registration is required to participate in these activities. Signing up for a connection doesn’t mean you can’t spend time with authors throughout the convention.

Author/Reader Connections are not official activities sponsored by Left Coast Crime, but are agreements between the participants. Participants assume the entire responsibility and liability for losses, damages, and claims arising out of injury or damage during Author/Reader Connections activities. Participants shall indemnify and hold harmless Left Coast Crime, and the agents and employees of the organization from any and all such losses, damages and claims.

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