Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Great Cactus Caper

Why are we here? Aside from the existential question, there are very real reasons for Left Coast Crime 2016 to land in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Weather
Let’s get real: late February is a great time to visit Phoenix. Average high temperatures hover in the mid to high 70s, there’s only a little bit of rainfall, and it’s a comfortable, dry climate.

Part of the point of LCC is getting attendees to visit different states and cities—and if that’s not an official purpose, it’s what we all enjoy. Phoenix in the summer is pretty hot, but a visit in (what Phoenicians call) winter is pretty great. Especially for attendees coming from much colder climes.

The Convention
It’s a Phoenix native and Bouchercon alum spearheading LCC2016, and the combination made sense. A return to the city she grew up in, and a small, intimate, friendly convention.

It’s Time
Left Coast Crime hasn’t been to Phoenix in 30 years—even then, it was in Scottsdale. It was 1995, and the Guest of Honor was the late, great Tony Hillerman. It’s time for a return to the Valley of the Sun.

We hope we’ll see you here!

(photo from the City of Phoenix Facebook page)

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