Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Do you know Left Coast Crime?

How well do you know our beloved convention? Now’s your chance to test your knowledge! All questions are True/False, and answers at the bottom of the page. (But no peeking!)

1.       The first LCC was held in 1991.

2.       It was held in San Diego, California.

3.       The second LCC was held in San Francisco, California.

4.       LCC has been held in Arizona two times so far—2016 will make the third.

5.       LCCs are only held in cities that have a coastline.

6.       The LCC region includes all states in the Mountain Time Zone and west to Hawaii.

7.       LCCs are put on by local committees of (dedicated, generous) volunteers, supported by advice and guidance from the LCC Standing Committee.

8.       LCC awards the Watson Award each year for the best historical mystery.

9.       Each LCC creates its own unique award trophies, often to reflect the local culture of the host region.

10.   Rhys Bowen has been nominated nine times for awards at LCC, including two nominations one year in the same category.

11.   LCC awards prizes in the same categories every year.

1.       True
2.       False, it was held in San Francisco
3.       True
4.       True
5.       False, they can be held anywhere in the LCC region
6.       True
7.       Very true!
8.       False, the Bruce Alexander Memorial Award is for best historical novel of the prior year
9.       True
10.   True (and she’s won twice)
11.   False, the local organizing committee must award the Lefty Award for Best Humorous Novel and the Bruce Alexander Memorial Award, but can also award prizes in two other categories of the committee’s choosing

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