Thursday, November 19, 2015

My First LCC: Stacy Allen

This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. That’s how I felt at my first Left Coast Crime. So many new faces to meet, and so many longtime friends were there. I’d not yet been to LCC, but I had always heard wonderful things. Authors whose work I had known for years were represented there, including Gigi Pandian, who writes the Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt mystery series and the Accidental Alchemist mystery series.

Simon Wood, a man I had long admired, was also there. I had yet to meet either of them. I sat in the bar in front of the fire one cool, rainy Portland afternoon, talking with Simon Wood. I admired his phone case, which had the cover of his THE ONE THAT GOT WAY, and he told me he struggled with dyslexia and audio books were such a wonderful thing. I told him that the audio of EXPEDITION INDIGO was in production and would be releasing April 1.

Seasoned authors, new authors, pre-published authors, and writers who just wanted to hone their craft and make connections were there. Readers were also there. Left Coast Crime is Mystery fan convention. There’s something for everyone. One of my most admired authors is Stephen Saylor. I was thrilled to finally meet him, buy his latest, and have him sign it.

I was on a panel on Sunday. Sundays are usually light at conferences, because so many people have to travel home early. Directly after my panel, I went straight to my signing table. I was thrilled to see a line of people holding my debut novel. They were there for me! When I saw Gigi Pandian in my signing line, I was awestruck. I admire her so much, and there she was standing in front of me, holding a copy of my book and asking me to sign it! I had to pinch myself. There was a time when I wasn’t published. When I didn’t have an agent. When I didn’t have a publishing contract. When having a title for sale in a bookstore seemed an impossibility.

I loved Left Coast Crime so much, I registered for 2016 shortly after Left Coast Crime 2015. It’s a conference I’ll never miss again. Without a doubt, I can honestly say it’s one of my favorites. If you love mysteries, thrillers, suspense . . . if you are an author or a reader (or both!), come to Left Coast Crime. You will love every minute of it. I know I do!
STACY ALLEN is the author of EXPEDITION INDIGO, the first in a series, featuring Dr. Riley Cooper, a SCUBA-diving archaeologist. Stacy’s passion for adventure has taken her to over 60 countries. She is the current VP of Southeast Chapter of Mystery Writers of America.  She is an Advanced Open Water Diver, married and lives in the Atlanta area.  Ms. Allen is represented by Jill Marr of the Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency.


  1. Great! I'll have to check out LCC. I wanted to stop by to say, "Hello!"

  2. It would be marvelous to see you there, Mary Anne!

  3. Yes, Mary Anne. You should totally register for Phoenix!!